Eat healthy, grow healthy tresses


Our tresses look good as long they are fixed to the scalp. The moment we start seeing strands of it on our combs or on the floor, we start panicking. Once faced with this problem, it keeps nagging us and we desperately try to find help. Unfortunately very few realise that proper diet and nutrition is the best way to regrow hair naturally.


how to regrow hair naturally fast


Essentials nutrients and where to get them

  • Iron and zinc:

Iron deficiency can cause many health problems including loss of hairs. It is a major cause of hairfall in women. Spinach, oysters, clam and beef steak are some foods rich in iron. Zinc is an essential nutrient for healthy hair follicles. It helps in tissue growth and repair. Taking zinc supplements will reduce hair fall. By taking food rich in zinc like oysters, pumpkin seeds and wheat germ, you can regrow lost hair naturally.

  • Proteins:

Hairs are made entirely of protein. So their proper growth implies the need to have enough proteins. Eat your daily quota of eggs and lentils to provide for this. Mostly protein deficiency is less in Western countries.

  • B-Complex Vitamins:

B vitamins, Biotin and B5 are found to be best for promoting growth of hairs.  These vitamins create red blood cells which make the scalp and follicles healthy. As it is mostly found in animal products, vegans need to take Biotin supplements.

  • Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and can prevent hair fall due to aging. It also reduces premature greying. You find it in citrus fruits and strawberries.

  • Omega-3 foods:

Omega-3 rich foods help to fight hormonal imbalance which can in turn cause hair problems. Food like mackerel, tuna, salmon and flax seeds are good sources of this.

Give a try

If you find yourself worrying how to regrow lost hair naturally, try out a new diet regime for a few months and see the results for yourself.

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