Have Barstools and Add Versatility to Your Kitchen


When you go to any furniture shop or check out online sites, you get confused what to buy as each element looks so good. Sites like eetkamerstoelen will offer you designer furniture pieces which will make your simple house look wonderful. Bar stools in thekitchen can make your kitchen look trendy. Don’t get confused with the name as ‘bar’ stools are not only used in thebar. No matter you have an open kitchen or a big kitchen room, bar stools always add versatility to your home decoration.

Types of Bar Stools

Many of you know that barstools are long stools with height. But there are several more things to know about it. Basically, bar stools are available at three heights-


  • A counter stool is a bar stool which comes with a counter with 36 inches height. Usually, these stools come at 24 to 26 inches of height to match the counter.
  • The next type is Bar Stool, and if you have visited pubs, you must have seen it. These come with 30 inches of height to match counter or table heights of 42 inches. You can install such stools at your modular kitchen.
  • The tallest one is the spectator stool, or you can call it stadium tool. These stools are mainly designed for 48 inches tocounter, and therefore these are of 34 to 36 inches tall.

Why Bar Stools Are Beneficial

There are designer chairs, stools, tables and alot more things are available at online sites like eetkamer stoel or stores; but these are quite heavy. Bar stools are lightweight, and that’s why you can move it easily. Bar stools are quite elegant and enhance the look of your kitchen or drawing room. To add versatility and layer to your home decoration, you can buy bar stools.

Decorating your home reflects your fancy towards your house. Bar stools always can help you to accentuate the beauty of your home.

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